Sometime back I started thinking about some of the great movies that I have watched. For most of the English movies, I just go to Wikipedia to refresh my memory about the plotline. But if I wanted to remember or know the story of a Bengali movie, there was nowhere to go to. And so I thought, why can't we create a repository of the stories of the Bengali films that we have liked. If regular people like us can create the greatest knowledge store online, why can't we create a repository of the great Bengali movies.

We can read about the Bengali movies here, update as we feel and share our thoughts and experience about these gems. Even non-bengalis, who would otherwise never watch a Bengali movie, may do so after reading a story and finding that they like it.

So that's the thought behind this site. Will it work? No idea. It just might. Want to give it a try? Go ahead - post the story of a Bengali movie that you have liked. You just have to create a Wikispaces id and sign in to be able to create a page for your favourite movie.

-- Rupam.