Name: Baksho Rohoshyo (Mystery of the box)
Genre: Detective
Highlights: Based on story of Satyajit Ray, directed by his son. Feluda (Pradosh Mitra) is the most famous fictional detective in Bengal. Topshe is his nephew and Jatayu is the mystery story writer. There is a series of detective books written by Satyajit Ray about the exploits of Feluda. This movie is based on one of them.


Direction: Sandip Ray

Story: Satyajit Ray

Music: Satyajit Ray

Sabyasachi Chakraborty
Pradosh Mitra (Feluda)
Shashwata Chattopadhyay
Robi Ghosh


Dinanath Lahiri was returning from Delhi via Kalka Mail. He was carrying a briefcase with him. On his way, this briefcase gets exchanged with another co-passenger. Dinanath Lahiri comes to Feluda for help in locating this co-passenger and returning the briefcase to its rightful owner. Dinanath's briefcase had - apart from other mundane things - an old manuscript of a travelogue. Dinanath had discovered this travelogue amongst his family possessions and took it as a light read on the train. Dinanath mentioned that none of this stuff - including the manuscript - had any particular value to him. Dinanath had initially given the briefcase to his nephew but suddenly thought that some of the articles may have emotional significance to its owner and so brought it to Feluda in search of its owner.

Dinanath Lahiri remembers that there were three co-passengers. One of them was addressed as Mr. Pakrashi by another. Both seemed to be businessmen. One of the co-passengers gave Mr. Lahiri an apple from his orchard. The other co-passenger was non-descript but vegetarian. Mr. Lahiri usually does not sleep well in trains but had slept soundly that night till the train reached Kolkata.

Feluda calls up a friend in the telephone department to get a list of all people in Kolkata with the surname Pakrashi. Then he proceeds to call up all the numbers and ask if Mr. Pakrashi has returned from Delhi. Once he gets an affirmative response, he sets up an appointment with Mr. Pakrashi.

One of the articles in the briefcase was a set of handkerchiefs with the letter G embroidered and a map with 4 locations ticked. These were locations of hotels in Kolkata. Feluda goes to the hotels in search of a visitor whose name starts with G. He finds that Mr. G.C.Dhamija had come to a hotel on that day but has already left. Feluda gets his address from the hotel register.

Dinanath Lahiri had mentioned that the travelogue was written by Shombhucharan Bose in 1917. Feluda comes to know from Sidhujyatha that Shombhucharan was a very famous travelogue writer and an unpublished manuscript from him would be very valuable. Sidhujyatha also mentions that Shombhucharan was once given an invaluable gem by the Rana of Nepal.

Mr. Pakrashi turns out to be a very unfriendly character with an equally unfriendly doberman. He tells Feluda about the name and address of the third co-passenger.

Feluda and Topshe go to Mr. Lahiri's house and meets his nephew. They find out that his nephew is an actor. He seems very perturbed that the briefcase was taken from him without any notice to him. Feluda informs Mr. Lahiri that the briefcase has been exchanged with Mr. Dhamija's. Feluda also informs Mr. Lahiri that the manuscript that was in the briefcase was very valuable. Mr. Lahiri proposes that Feluda should go to Shimla with the briefcase for the exchange.

Jatayu meets Feluda to show them his latest detective novel. When he hears about the Shimla trip, he is also interested to join. But Mr. Lahiri calls Feluda and tells him that Mr. Dhamija has located Mr. Lahiri through the railway reservation chart and has left the briefcase with an acquaintance. Feluda takes the address of the acquaintance to make the exchange, but when they arrive at the designated place they see that its a fake address. Feluda is assaulted and the briefcase snatched. However, Feluda had anticipated this and taken a fake briefcase.

So, Shimla trip is still on. Mr. Pakrashi meets Feluda and tries to bribe him so that he hands over the manuscript to him instead of Mr. Lahiri. Feluda refuses. In the flight to Shimla, Jatayu takes beetel nuts from a small box in the briefcase. When they arrive at Delhi, Topshe and Jatayu go sightseeing. An unknown assailant attacks Feluda at the hotel and takes the briefcase away. We see him searching the briefcase but he does not find what he is looking for.

Feluda buys all the stuff that was there in the briefcase along with another briefcase as a replacement. On their way to Shimla, while looking for beetel nuts, they find a diamond attached at the bottom of the small box. They meet Dhamija in Shimla but the briefcase does not contain the manuscript. Also, Dhamija says that the beetel nut box is not his. On their way back, Feluda and party are waylaid. The robber asks Feluda to hand over the diamond. Feluda hands over a fake and then tricks the robber, who he has by now recognized as Mr. Lahiri's nephew. They overpower the robber. Mr. Lahiri's nephew had stolen the diamond from the box of the manuscript and kept it in the briefcase given to him by his uncle.

Once back in Kolkata, Feluda and party go to meet Mr. Pakrashi. Feluda accuses Mr. Pakrashi of stealing the manuscript in the train and demands that he hands it over. Mr. Pakrashi hands the manuscript over as the movie ends.